daffodils in a pot

Drop chill. Electric heater glowing amber light. Jam jars cover kitchen floor. Paper, blocks of paint, crushed pastels. Rip bulging daff bulbs from rootbound plastic pot. Shaken soil from glass noodle roots, dangle jellyfish from peeling brown layers of skin. Luminous green shoots forward spring. Narcissi trumpet their bold tune.

Occasional promises of sun intrude from garden. Blue tits and robins dart from bare hedge to feeders, back to bare hedge. Wood pigeons strut their puffed chests, scavangeing for crumbs dropped amongst damp soil. Steven Pinker background discussion on YouTube.

It’s quiet in the house with the absence of three children. Paper shoves abandoned pyjamas across floor from morning rush. Fuscia glitter trail now mingles with soil deposits across breakfast table. Rapid clean-up, jump on bike and freewheel down Green Lanes to start the triple pick-up.