Over the past 15 years I have taught adults, students and children and led family workshops in a variety of creative and educational settings including primary schools, art centres, farmers markets and festivals. I am a tutor at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London where I teach adults and teenagers drawing and illustration skills. I also run an online course with Domestika and have a second one coming up later in 2021. I’m available for one-to-one online drawing and illustration tutoring for English-speakers across the world.

My specialism is the natural world – animals, plants, birds, the coast, sealife, fruit and vegetables – and part of my creative approach is to encourage a very real interest in nature and protecting the earth’s resources. Previous workshops with young people have included working with junk to create puppets, sculptures, masks and even a life-sized cow entirely from plastic milk bottles.

I apply a playful approach to teaching, encouraging students to experiment and explore unusual ways of drawing and mark-making. I feel strongly that our fear of making mistakes, and aspiring to unattainable expectations, can inhibit creativity so much of my teaching practice works to help students overcome these obstacles.

Details of my upcoming teaching events are below. Please get in touch if you have a request for a specific workshop not already listed, or would like to know more about one-to-one online tutoring opportunities:

domestika laura mckendry illustrating nature a creative exploration

NEW! Illustrating Nature: A Creative Exploration (DOMESTIKA Online)

Approaching a blank page with an open mind and a playful spirit can become a catalyst for inspiration, leaving behind self-doubt and the fear of making mistakes to make noticeable progress. My approach to illustration is founded on curiosity and experimentation, creating striking pieces ranging from fine art prints, to greeting cards, gift-wrap, homeware, and more.

In this course, I’ll show you how to experiment with watercolour, ink, and other mixed media of your choice to create three pieces inspired by the natural world. Discover the techniques I incorporate into my work to expand your creativity and find your own unique way to represent nature.

More information, current prices and watch a course trailer.

laura mckendry bright colours

NEW! Discover Drawing and Unleash Your Creativity (Online Workshop)

£250 for 5 hours one-to-one (2 x 2.5 hour workshops)

Would you like to find new inspiration for your drawing? Have you neglected your creativity and are looking for a way back in? Is the fear of getting started or making mistakes holding you back?

In this one-to-one session I will demonstrate some of the ways to reignite your drawing, learn new techniques and overcome the fear of creating something ‘rubbish’. I’ll teach you ways of working with the materials you already own, plus recommend new approaches to unleash creativity – something we all need every now and then. We will focus on drawing the natural world, including birds, fruit and plants.

I will be teaching you live, via an online platform such as Zoom. Ideally you will have two devices (ie a computer and a phone) so that we can both communicate and watch each other’s drawing. You will need: paper, ink, watercolour or gouache, a variety of brushes, coloured pencils, and any other materials you have to hand.

Email for more information and I would be very happy to have a chat and answer any questions. International time differences can be accommodated.

Gift vouchers for workshops are also available.

fruit and veg drawing workshop laura mckendry

Illustrating the Natural World

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
Future dates to be announced

This course explores different ways to illustrate elements of the natural world including animals, fish, birds, plants and flowers, seasonal produce, and wildlife habitats. We will experiment with methods of injecting character into your drawing whilst studying naturally-occurring texture, form, colour and pattern. You’ll be trying out a range of materials including watercolour, ink, pastel, coloured pencil, along with some altogether less conventional tools. This course will offer a variety of techniques using demonstrations and hands-on practical exercises, culminating in a final piece of work that pulls together all your learning throughout the weekend. We cover a lot of ground during two days – this is an exciting, playful and enriching course that is suitable for all levels.

More details and booking information HERE.

laura mckendry drawing workshop

1,2,3s of Drawing

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
Future dates to be announced

If you’d like to improve your drawing skills, you’re invited to join this class devoted to fundamentals of drawing. This is very much a ‘hands on’ and ‘how to’ course, stressing different drawing techniques, tricks of the trade, nuts-and-bolts-know how, methods of observation and exposure to a variety of drawing tools.

It includes numerous short drawing exercises (challenging, fun or fanciful), and some longer ones. They’re designed as stepping stones or pieces of the puzzle of how to draw. Building up a catalogue of small skills over the course should demystify drawing for you, make it easier – and turn it into the joy it’s meant to be!

Click HERE for more information and booking details.

laura mckendry draw your dog workshop

Live Dog Drawing

Email to arrange a date
£120-£300 (price dependent on class size, max 4 students)

This one-day workshop will offer an introduction to drawing your dog from life using a whole range of materials and techniques. We’ll cover some of the basic introductions to proportion and form, capturing features, expressions and creating texture using your dog as a live model. I’ll also give guidance on how to depict a living, and moveable, creature which can be challenging but often enhance a portrait. This workshop doesn’t aim to teach photo-realism but looks to explore ways to create a more expressive portrait of your pet from life.

Recent workshops include:


  • Illustrating the Natural World – Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London


  • 123s of Drawing – Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
  • Illustration for 16-18 Year Olds – Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
  • Seasonal Vegetable Illustration – Family Workshop, Forty Hall Famers Market, London
  • Neon Portraits and Text Painting – Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London