My teaching, as with my own creative work, is led by an honesty. A stripping back of the reticence, unburdening the obstacles, diving fully into the process. In an overwhelmingly digital, detached world, it is a reconnection with the physical nature of getting dirty hands, awakening senses. A reminder of our universal ability to do that.

Every now and then I open the doors to my studio, inviting students to explore their own way of depicting the world around them:

the artist seeking a refresh, the digital designer wanting an indulgence of analogue, the creatively neglected, the perfectionist too afraid to begin.

“This course is utterly amazing. It was a lightbulb moment for me to realise how to put movement and breathe life into what I do. I have been putting what I have learnt into practise and my art has become much looser and freer and most importantly more enjoyable. I have made some truly rubbish drawings but within that I have created some art that I am just so happy with and would never have thought myself capable of. I think this is the best art course with the best advice I have ever done.”

Studio Workshops, London

Seasonal evening classes and summer workshops for small groups of students in my studio. A bright, calm space in North London filled with natural light and all my materials. An opportunity to fully immerse yourself creatively, with a balance of directive teaching and the freedom to explore on your own terms.

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This course changed everything. It raised my painting few levels up. I can’t recommend it enough. Laura McKendry is amazing. Her art is so alive, vibrant and free. I started to draw again, discovered new techniques and new materials. I feel true joy!”

One-to-One Tutoring

Creative workshops offering a highly personal approach, tailored to focus on what is most important to you.

We can explore a specific technique, material, or process, look at how to overcome creative stumbling blocks, find ways to take your creative work to the next level – you tell me what you need. If you just don’t know, let me lead.

Topics can include watercolour, ink, printmaking, drawing, mixed media, portfolio development, developing a sketchbook habit, composition, colour palettes, practical tips for overcoming creative stagnation and self-doubt.

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“I am still full of what I encountered in London. The hours with you were the absolute highlight of my trip: stimulating, intense, emotionally touching, and wonderfully intimate. You encouraged me in a great way and took me by the hand. I had the feeling that you knew precisely what I needed to move forward. Your questions were exactly the right ones for me. I feel freed from rules now and that opens me up to new spaces. We will see where this leads…”

– 1:1 Workshop, Heide, Germany

“For me, this is a wonderful, inspirational and relaxing course. Laura McKendry understands the art and especially the art of letting go, of simply making marks and enjoying it. And then to go further and further, experimenting, playing, drawing, looking, making colours… it works for me! She’s an amazing teacher!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Laura doesn’t just teach, she imparts a deep understanding of how to use texture, medium, materials, perspective into creating a well thought out piece of art. At first, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but by the end, I was enthralled by how much I learned.”